Thursday, July 12, 2012

Star Wars The Old Republic now free until level 15

And so it begins, looks like this triple "A" MMO is in trouble.
BioWare and EA have announced that SW:TOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) would be free up to level 15, similar to what Blizzard implemented with WoW back in June 2011.

SW: TOR has had free weekends before, where non-subscribers could sign up to get a taste of the game. Now, players can experience SW: TOR whenever they please. The new trial gives them enough time to experience the origin stories of the numerous classes and experience PvP, and hopefully just enough to get that hook in your month before they reel you in.

I knew this would happen. They started strong and peeked with 1.7 million players in February but shed 400 000 of those by May, as of today I`m not sure what the subscription numbers are but let`s just say this move does not instil confidence. As a matter of fact I`m forecasting a full free to play transition in the not too distant future.

The free up to level 15 trial began yesterday.

check it out here

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