Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AMD has three quad-core Vishera CPUs on the way

AMD has a pile of Vishera CPUs on the way, this including some quad-cores, and the new series is expected to launch in Q4 2012. The fastest quad-core will be called the AMD FX-4350.
It clocks in at 4.2GHz and 4.3 GHz turbo, has 12MB cache and 125W TDP. This CPU is set to replace the AMD FX-4170.  A step down is the FX-4320 a 4GHz quad core with 4.2GHz Turbo and 8 MB cache, all at 95W TDP. This will replace the AMD FX4150 quad-core with 12MB cache and 95W TDP and 3.9GHz / 4.1GHz with Turbo. The last of the bunch is the AMD FX-4300 that runs at 3.8GHz, with a 4.0GHz when in Turbo mode. It has 8MB of cache and 95W TDP.

All three quad-core Vishera CPUs support AM3+ motherboards, DDR3 1866, expect them to hit retailers late October.

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