Friday, July 6, 2012

Google and Samsung team up against Apple

Looks like the litigation war is about to get hotter.
Koreatimes is reporting that Google is being dragged into to the battle between Apple and Samsung by throwing in legal support for Samsung. Koreatimes is also quoted as saying "

"This is the first time Samsung confirmed it is getting help from Google in its legal battle with Apple. Google is also supporting HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone maker and a major Android player, which is also in a legal dispute with Apple… Samsung and Apple has been engaged in an increasingly ugly fight since early last year, when the latter filed a lawsuit accusing the former for ‘slavishly’ copying the look and feel of iPhones and iPads in introducing its Galaxy lineup of smartphones and touch-screen tablets.”

If you ask me it sounds like Google has played right into Apple`s plan. I think Apple going after the manufacturers was a ploy to get Google indirectly involved. Baiting them on,  forcing their hand to get directly involved. After all Samsung makes the flagship Nexus line of phones and how would Google look if they just stood by ringside and did nothing. I think the real legal battle is about to begin.

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