Friday, September 7, 2012

AMD outlines "Steamroller" architecture

PCauthority reports:

"Steamroller will be a major reworking of the underlying design that debuted in Bulldozer.
Previous AMD roadmaps targeted a 10% per generation improvement in performance (which Piledriver met) however with the design being more fleshed out, AMD now imply a 30% performance increase. This is a pretty significant boost if true and more than a few sources suggest it is - then again 'more than a few' sources suggested Bulldozer would be good.

Chief among the design improvements is doubling the number of pre-processing 'decode' modules, bringing this part of the chip back to the traditional one-per-core level. Given the amount of time Bulldozer and Piledriver spend with inactive processing areas (indicating a design flaw in the pre-processing stage) this is a significant and straightforward win. The processing centres (Floating Point and to a lesser extent Integer units) also receive significant changes, as do the Prediction unit and Cache."

Expect Steamroller to move to a 28nm fabrication process too. I personally don`t have any problem with Bulldozer as I personally use the FX-8150 and find it more than adequate for the tasks I throw at it. Negative publicity aside I`m glad that AMD took the bold step in using this new architecture.

more here


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