Thursday, September 27, 2012

First in-depth AMD Trinity desktop review

Anandtech has a very nice AMD desktop Trinity review, featuring the AMD A10-5800K and A8 5600K, as always a very thorough article, here`s a snippet:

"On average, Trinity's high-end 384-core GPU manages to be around 16% faster than the fastest Llano GPU, while consuming around 7% more power when active. Given that Trinity is built on the same process node at Llano, I'd call that a relatively good step forward for AMD's equivalent of a "tick". From AMD's perspective, the fact that it can continue to deliver a tangible GPU performance advantage over Intel's latest and greatest even with its die harvested APU (256-core Trinity) is good news. For anyone looking to build a good entry level gaming PC, the Trinity platform easily delivers the best processor graphics performance on the market today."

Looks like a nice upgrade from Llano, great entry level gaming or editing CPU, would go nice in an HTPC too.

much more here

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