Thursday, July 5, 2012

New details on the AMD 5400 Trinity CPU

There`s no question that Intel holds the crown when it comes to CPU performance.
But AMD continues is plugging along with their new strategy: creating processors with a powerful internal graphics chip. AMD has recently introduced the A6 5400K, this is a dual-core Trinity processor with a clock speed of between 3.6 GHz and 3.8 GHz with Turbo and an unlocked multiplier. The onboard HD 7540D video chip comes from the new Southern Islands generation. This chip has a core clock of 760 MHz and a maximum memory speed of 1866 Mhz. It features 192 shaders, supports dual graphics and is DirectX 11 compatible.

By comparison the fastest dual-core Llano is the A4 3420. The chip has a 2.8 GHz clock frequency, no  Turbo features and comes with a locked multiplier. This CPU uses last generation's HD 6410D video chip. This 'Northern Islands' GPU has 160 shaders. AMD has been able to keep the TDP of the new A6 5400K the same as the  A4 3420, at 65 watts.  This increased efficiency comes from the new 28 nm fabrication process, the Llano still uses a 40 nm fab video chip.

The new Trinity processors will be out later this year.

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