Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Samsung accuses LG of copying OLED display tech

Well this is different, it would seam like Samsung feels a bit stung.
11 people, including three LG executives, have been indicted in a South Korean court over allegations of corporate espionage, specifically related to an alleged leak of OLED technology.

According to yonhapnews:

"Six other suspects involved in the incident were former or current researchers at Samsung Mobile.

   "Our company, which claims about 97 percent of the world's organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen market, is now on the verge of losing trillions of won from the leak," an official from Samsung said.

   "Executives of LG Display, which lacks OLED technology and related human resources, took the lead in this criminal act in order to overcome their shortcomings as quickly as possible," the company added.

   Samsung condemned LG's alleged involvement as a grave crime and said the company must take responsibility for the incident, which it argued was masterminded at the corporate level.

   OLED panels, which feature slimmer and more vivid screens than common liquid crystal display screens, are much sought after by tech companies around the globe.

   Meanwhile, LG Display refuted the allegations and announced it will sue Samsung for defamation in the future."


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