Saturday, December 8, 2012

Apple`s "Made in USA" Mac likely to be Mac Pro

Lately Apple CEO Tim Cook announced some assembly of a certain line of Macs will be moving back to the US, but which one? He didn`t reveal that but we can make an educated guess.

cnnmoney reports:

"FORTUNE -- When Tim Cook announced Thursday that Apple (AAPL) would be investing $100 million to build one of its Mac line of computers exclusively in the U.S. next year, he didn't say which line that was. But he really didn't have to. There's only one Mac that fits the bill, and that's the Mac Pro. Here's why..."

i think this is a new brainer, the Mac Pro is lower volume seller, it`s easy to configure and getting a custom ordered machine set up and optioned your way in the US will probably cut down on shipping time to customers.

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