Friday, December 14, 2012

Rumour: GlobalFoundries set to become Apple`s new chip fabricator?

Chalk this up as rumour but it does present an interesting scenario. Apple and Samsung don`t get along, period. Apple is slowly but surely moving away from Samsung for fabricating parts (such as the "A" line of mobile CPUs) and is already in negotiation with Taiwanese firm TSMC to fabricate processors. But could there be a yet another deal in the works? Possibly with GlobalFoundries? After all, AMD has just cut orders and having Apple as a client would be a nice feather in their cap.
timesunion reports:

"Some industry insiders have suggested GlobalFoundries is well suited to making Apple's sophisticated chips — and the company already has Fab 8 up and running along with room for two additional fabs on its 223-acre site. So why wouldn't GlobalFoundries be behind the top-secret "Project Azalea"?
There are many reasons why the answer could be yes. GlobalFoundries announced in August an agreement with the U.K. chip design firm ARM to make the next generation of chips for mobile devices using transistors at the 20 nanometer level. It happens that Apple bases its chips used in the iPhone and iPad on ARM's architecture, which is vastly different than the x86 chips used in desktop computers and laptops as well as Apple's Mac computers. And Apple is rumored to be looking at making its new ARM chips at the 20 nanometer level."

a very interesting read, recommended

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