Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nexus 10 owner finds bug: live ant

One Nexus 10 owner from Singapore has discovered a bug in his system, literally an ant crawling between the LCD and the glass panel. Some Nexus 10 owners have had build quality issues but this one`s new.
mobilesyrup reports:

"A Singaporean Nexus 10 owner is enduring “misery and frustration” after discovering an ant trapped — and crawling — between the LCD and glass. The XDA-Developer user, who goes by the alias tanzhjoash, claims that he didn’t see the ant for the first few days, but he “came home one day and found this ant stuck under the glass screen of [his] N10.”


"He intends to ship the “infected” device back to Google for a replacement, citing a “bug in the system.”

i`ve heard of these things being "buggy" but this is ridiculous

more here

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