Friday, December 21, 2012

Improved IOS task manager is awesome

This is very cool and functional, but if you want it you`re going to have to jail break your iPhone.
idownloadblog reports:

"The most obvious improvement made by Auxo when compared to the stock iOS app switcher is the new card preview of recent apps. Instead of merely containing an app icon representing the running app, Auxo displays a miniaturized snapshot of the current state of the app for context.

Apps can be quickly removed from the switcher by means of a swipe down motion, and since multi-touch is in play here, you can kill multiple apps at once using more than one finger. It’s a nice touch, and it’s much more intuitive than using the standard tap and hold to remove an app from the switcher.

When you want to remove all apps from the app switcher, then you can utilize the tap and hold gesture. Tapping and holding on any running app brings up a confirmation menu that will allow you to close all apps with a single tap."

here`s some free advice Apple, hire these guys!

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