Monday, December 17, 2012

Canadian ISP Teksavvy in legal battle to protect identity of their customers

This one will be interesting to follow. Canadian ISP Teksavvy will in court Monday trying to defend the identity of their subscribers after American film studio Voltage Pictures served them will a list of thousands of IP addresses used to download the film "The Hurt Locker"
The Star reports:

"The suit, filed in Federal Court by Voltage Pictures, which made the Hollywood hit The Hurt Locker, doesn’t name those accused of illegal downloads via the BitTorrent protocol.

However, TekSavvy’s CEO, Mark Gaudrault, confirmed in a blog posting that he received a list of “a couple thousand” IP addresses from Voltage and a motion asking the Federal Court to order them to provide the names and contact information associated with them."

“TekSavvy will do everything in its power to protect its customers,” the company writes on its website. “However, we must comply with all court orders requiring us to disclose the personal information of our customers.”

this case will have ramifications, Teksavvy is not that big of a provider, if the studios get their way with them expect them to go after bigger fish next.

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