Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Intel introduces Atom based server chips

On Tuesday Intel unveiled a new line of processors specifically targeting the micro server market.
These dual core Atom based processors named S1200 line will be 64 bit CPUs that support Intel's virtualization technology, and error code correction (ECC) memory. Power conscious administrators will like the new power envelope, just 6 watts compared to the most miserly Xeon at 17 watts and will cost $54.

From pcmag:

"Intel is no stranger to the microserver space—in fact, Bryant said her company is responsible for "launching the product category" in 2009. Companies like SeaMicro, acquired earlier this year by Advanced Micro Devices, Super Micro, and Asus have been using Atom chips in server products for several years.
But the S1200 line is Intel's first to carry a comprehensive range of data center-specific features and capabilities. The new Atom SoCs sport two CPU cores with two threads apiece, Intel's virtualization technology, and error code correction (ECC) memory.
They also support 64-bit, possibly giving Intel a bit of breathing room versus ARM in the microserver space. In late October, ARM launched its first 64-bit CPU core designs, Cortex A57 and Cortex A53, signing up partners like AMD and Samsung to license and build them. But Intel's S1200 products are available today while ARM's 64-bit offerings won't arrive until 2014."

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