Sunday, December 16, 2012

Windows 8 hidden backup, recover and clone feature

This is a great instructional article for those using Microsoft`s Windows 8 operating system. Even though it has it`s pitfalls it`s still useful to have or least you`ll wish you used it if things go wrong with your PC.
Arstechnica reports:

"Microsoft's approach to backup in Windows 8 is a missed opportunity. Early in the development of Windows 8 it became clear Microsoft was planning a more user-friendly backup system, for the very good reason that few people actually back up their computers. One logical approach would have been to build upon the System Image functionality to come up with something very much like Apple's Time Machine—in other words, automatic, hourly backups of the entire system that can be used to restore either individual files or the whole damn computer."


"In fact, that's what I assumed Microsoft was working on when I first heard about its plans to make backup more user-friendly in Windows. A unified backup and restore system that can handle all backup scenarios, from individual files to the whole computer, seems like something the world's most widely used desktop operating system should have in 2012. Instead, Windows 8 provides several backup tools for different purposes. There's Metro backup, file backup, and traditional "Windows 7" System Images."

let`s face it, many users out there don`t ever bother to do this much less go out and purchase dedicated software for this functionality. Love it or hate it, it`s necessary unless you like panicking when things go south.

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