Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rumour: Next generation iPhone and Ipad may have Intel inside

No secret that Apple is moving away from Samsung, there`s the even the ever present rumour that Apple`s desktop line may eventually start using ARM CPUs.
But a new rumour has it that Apple is considering using Intel CPUs in the next generation of iPhone and iPad, no details as to what architecture this will be, will there be a x86 CPU in these devices or is Apple just looking at Intel to fabricate its "A" series of ARM based CPUs.

Cnet reports:

"According to RBC analyst Doug Freedman, Apple may be contemplating a new relationship where Intel would build Apple's self-designed ARM-based smartphone chips in exchange for Apple using Intel's X86 processors in certain new devices, like the next-generation iPad.
While it may seem illogical for Apple to use different processors in its mobile devices, that could be one way for it to secure enough capacity and use chips on the leading edge of technology. After all, it already uses Intel processors in its Macs. It also would help the electronics giant reduce reliance on its previously close partner -- Samsung."

pure speculation

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