Monday, December 3, 2012

Intel NUC "Next Unit of Computing"

This a cute and ultra tiny PC from Intel called the NUC short for "Next Unit of Computing" This NUC has the following specs:

i3-3217U processor soldered onto the motherboard
2 SO-DIMM slots with DDR3-1066/1333 memory support
onboard 8-channel audio
mSATA support
priced around $300

packaged in 4"X4" case

from intel:

"Imagine a computing device powerful enough to produce stunning visuals with responsive performance. Yet small enough to drive digital signage, kiosks, or other applications demanding performance in a tight space. We did. The result is the Intel Nex Unit of Computing,"

i like this thing, to a point, given choice between having one of these or building an AMD Trinty APU based small form factor PC, I`ll take the AMD hands down, that GPU performance is important to me

video courtesy of Anadtech

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