Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch Siri become a home automation wizard

Home automation is pretty cool, a bit of work but the results can be really good. Watch as Apple`s Siri becomes a home automation wizard with the help of a Raspberry Pi.

Home automation builder Elvis Impersonator has got some great instructions and has this to say:

All my SiriProxy plugins are on my GitHub page and are all open source, non-commercial use. In an effort to help further interest and development of SiriProxy based applications, I created a RPi SD card image with SiriProxy pre-installed to make it that much easier for people to get started.

RPi SD card image with SiriProxy pre-installed:
SiriProxy plugins for home automation control:


I started home automation and control in 2008, which I have been adding to as time and disposable income permitted. I have been working closely with iOS app developers during this time, beta testing and suggesting capabilities for their apps.

I have been following the development of SiriProxy since its initial appearance in November 2011 and even got it installed and working on an Marvell SheevaPlug ARM based plug computer. I spent countless nights dreaming of the day I could use voice commands to control my home, but I was still under a long term contract on my existing iPhone. I already had been experimenting with IP2IR control in various forms, but the controller I use in the video seemed to offer the most features which the manufacturer added a REST API in March 2012.

Although I was eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 4S with Siri in February 2012, I patiently waited for Apple to release the iPhone 5 in September 2012. It took me precisely 3 calendar days over a long weekend to get the basic functionality. Santa gave me a RPi for Xmas in 2012, which I ported SiriProxy and my plugins in a few hours, and recorded the video you see.


My system is comprised of the following components:

1. Elk M1 Gold security panel (
2. ISY99i Series X10/Insteon lighting controller (
3. Trendnet IP cameras (
4. Nest Thermostat (
5. RedEye IP2IR controllers (
6. SiriProxy running on a RPi (
7. iOS mobile apps MobiLinc HD ( and eKeypad Pro ( for iPhone/iPad touch control. (not in video)


There is a REST API in the lighting controller which in addition to allowing me to control my lights, allows me to monitor/control the security panel. I use a NO relay output to control the garage door. The lights are controlled using plugin/wired Insteon modules/switches. SiriPrioxy uses the REST API. Both systems are available from

I use Trendnet IP cameras with GPIO interfaces and built in motion detection and SMS/MMS messaging, which are wired to the security system and lighting modules. The Trendnet cameras seemed to provide the right mix of features/price which also run Linux. I wrote a few SiriProxy plugins to push the IP camera and custom images to the iPhone.

IR control is accomplished using RedEye Wifi IP2IR controllers which have a REST API for control. Unlike GC, IRTach, and other traditional IP2IR devices, the RedEye controller actually stores/learns IR codes, which can be invoked using the REST API.

nicely done

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