Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ubuntu phone out this October

Canonical the makers of Ubuntu are claiming that the new Ubuntu OS will be available to developers by February and ready for launch in "two geographically large markets" this October.

Wall Street Journal reports:

Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system used to run servers and other infrastructure in many corporate IT departments, will be available on a full range of devices, including desktop and tablet computers, potentially providing corporate IT executives a way to reduce the number of devices they purchase and manage. The smartphones can be docked to larger displays, wirelessly connected to keyboards and other peripherals, and have Windows-based applications streamed to them from corporate servers. This would mean users could access all manner of corporate data through a single, pocket-sized device. “You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop,” said Mr. Shuttleworth during a meeting in New York Tuesday. Other operating systems running on smartphones, such as Microsoft Corp. ’s Windows Apple Inc. ’s iOS and Google ’s Android, are at least slightly different versions of the same operating systems running tablets or PCs, and those differences often mean the same data can’t run on all three form factors.

it`s starting to get crowded! regardless I`m interested to see the final product Canonical releases. wonder if Clem over at Linux Mint  will be making a Mint version, now that would excite me.

video courtesy of The Verge

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