Monday, February 25, 2013

LG acquires webOS from HP

WebOS was a great mobile OS, and then it was gone. Acquired by HP from Palm a while back there were high hope that it would make a resurgence, that never happened. Enter LG. LG has just acquired the rights to webOS along with the source code and related documentation, engineering talent, and related webOS websites. LG are claiming that they will only use webOS in its smart TVs but I`m better they`re hedging their bets against Android.

Techcrunch reports:

"Instead of getting rid of webOS, HP just let it slowly die by open-sourcing it. With no official hardware to support it and no company standing behind it, the webOS community had no choice but to fall appart.

WebOS fans, your last hope now resides in LG’s TV land. While the app ecosystem is not as essential on a TV as on a smartphone, webOS remains very resource intensive and unknown to most developers. Most of the webOS team left HP long ago. But letting an operating system die three times is no fun when you can let it die four times."

update: it would seem like the original CNET story has been pulled until confirmation from LG

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