Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apple`s iTunes U hits one billion downloads

This is quite the milestone for Apple, iTunes U has hit one billion downloads. This catalog of free lectures can have an enrollment of up to 250000 on some of it`s more popular courses.

From Forbes:

"iTunes U is available in 30 countries and houses lectures from 1,200 universities and colleges, as well as 1,200 k-12 schools. It’s been picking up steam as online education in general gains acceptance, and, as AllThings D points out, as Apple sells more and more iPads to educational institutions. Personally, I use them on long drives – a good history lecture beats an e-book any day.

iTunes U is a quietly revolutionary technology from Apple. It lacks the shine of a new iPhone or the promise of untold billions in revenue, but it could genuinely be reshaping the way we think about education. I paid a whole lot of money for that civil war class the first time I took it – the second time, however, I did it through iTunes U for free, and probably paid more attention. The same goes for anyone else that may have wanted to take that class, or any others. That’s breaking down barriers in the best way. It not only makes ivory tower education available on a grand scale, it encourages people to keep up learning in small doses throughout their lives."

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