Monday, February 11, 2013

AMD`s next generation graphics cards may slip to end of 2013

Even though AMD has not officially commented on the subject it looks like no new graphics from AMD until the end of 2013.  Each successive card usually debuts 9 to 13 months after the last release but there seems to be a break from that schedule this time.

Hot Hardware reports:

"Starting with the HD 3000 family, which debuted in November 2007, each successive generation appeared 9-13 months later. The HD 4000 series debuted in June 2008, the HD 5000 products launched in September 2009, the HD 6000's in October 2010, and the HD 7000 family in January, 2011.

By that calendar, we should have seen a new HD 8000 GPU within the next few months. AMD recently refreshed its mobile product lines with HD 8000M hardware, replacing some old 40nm parts with new 28nm GPUs based on GCN. In desktop, it's a different story. AMD is already shipping "HD 8000" cards to OEMs, but these cards are HD 7000 cards with new model numbers. RAM, TDP, core counts, and architectural features are all identical to the HD 7000 lineup."

just get it right, waiting a couple of months don`t hurt

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