Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter: Orc trailer

Perfect World has released a new trailer for their upcoming MMO Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter. In this one we get a look at the Orcs in the game, and yes they do look like a fearsome bunch indeed.

From Perfect World:

"During your travels, you will encounter creatures known as Orcs. Orcs have always been a race unto themselves and a threat to the civilized cultures of Faerûn for as long as anyone can remember. Early legends even speak of the orc god Gruumsh having lost his eye in battle with Corellon, god of the eladrin and elven races."


"In combat, the orcs are ruthless and merciless. Orcs typically travel in warbands.  Some warbands consist of nothing more than a few drudges and axe throwers, but tougher warbands include battle-tested orcs, powerful Eye of Gruumsh leaders, and even ogres the orcs have convinced to join in their raiding.

If you are willing to test your might against the mighty orcs, they can be found all over the Tower District as well as in the Cloak Tower dungeon. There are a number of orc war leaders found through the Tower District, but the most notable is Vansi Bloodscar herself.  Vansi lairs in the dungeons deep below the Cloak Tower."

waiting for it to come out of beta

more here

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