Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rumour: Apple is working on iWatch and here are some details

Seems like this rumour will just not go away. This time it has Apple testing curved glass for its alleged iWatch project. This new batch of rumours comes from the New York Times:

"Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass, according to people familiar with the company's explorations, who spoke on the condition that they not be named because they are not allowed to publicly discuss unreleased products. Such a watch would operate Apple's iOS platform, two people said, and stand apart from competitors based on the company's understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body."

I`m sure Apple, Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, etc experiment with all kinds of stuff, maybe even up to 3/4 of it never sees the light of day. Rumours are just that, rumours.

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