Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Ultra thin magnetic iPhone 5 keyboard and game controller

This is the EX Hybrid Controller System for your iPhone 5 and it is ingenious. Not only is it a magnetically attached Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard, if you flip it over you get a game pad too. The unit is made from aluminium, boasts 40 hours of usage, is water and dust proof and takes only an hour to charge with a pretty decent standby time of 160 hours.

From iphone5mod:

"Finally a hybrid solution for iPhone gamers and office users in the works. The Hybrid Controller is the next generation keyboard / joypad for your iPhone – and you just might find that this idea is untraditionally creative. Whether you're a gamer, blogger or even an office user, we might have the perfect solution for taking your old tired keyboards to the next level.

By using our iPhone 5 Back Case, You can detach the qwerty keyboard from the iPhone entirely as you wish and switch to a Joypad controller for playing games. The interchangeability is made always possible, as iPhone features multiple bluetooth peripheral use."


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