Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Intel will not make desktop motherboards anymore

Intel has just announced that it`s getting out of the desktop motherboard business. Over the next 3 years Intel will slowly wind down production of motherboards, but they will still supply companys such as ASUS, Gigabyte and others chipsets.

Anandtech reports:

"It's not too tough to understand why Intel would want to wind down its desktop motherboard business. Intel has two options to keep Wall Street happy: ship tons of product with huge margins and/or generate additional profit (at forgiveably lower margins) that's not directly tied to the PC industry. The overwhelming majority of Intel's business is in the former group. The desktop motherboards division doesn't exactly fit within that category. Motherboards aren't good high margin products, which makes the fact that Intel kept its desktop board business around this long very impressive. Intel doesn't usually keep drains on margins around for too long (look how quickly Intel exited the de-emphasized its consumer SSD business)."

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