Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Tour of Haiku Alpha 4 BeOS lives!

BeOS was amazing for its time and gathered quite the following. The brainchild of former manager of Apple France many have mourned the passing of BeOS but now it`s been revived, with a direct clone of the original user interface and file manager.

sneekyinux reports:

"Here we have the latest alpha from the beos clone of haiku, now on the surface not much has changed and all looks hunkey dory, but there is support for wpa wireless and some more cards are supported, plus lots of other little stuff that you cant see.
the download is around 284mb as it is a zip file so un-zipped its around 580mb.
so for something different go and give it a go you may like it..."

brings back fond memories, will be trying this out

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