Monday, January 14, 2013

AMD FX series: What`s under the lid, literally

Reviewers have already covered the performance and benchmarked AMD`s FX series processors so this is not the point of this article. As some of you may know the FX series ships in a fancy tin box, but did you know the tin insert is made out of recycled tin boxes? Well if you look at the under side of the tin you`ll encounter the original product from where it came. Some buyers have found tins from "Hubei caihua tea industrial co., ltd", Archer Farms and Marlboro just to name a few.

cpu-world reports:

"We checked our FX-8320 and FX-8350 microprocessors, and they both had the same pattern with "Hubei caihua tea industrial co., ltd" company name. The recycled designs are not limited to tea companies, and other people in the forum found lids with products made by Archer Farms and Marlboro, as well as lids with designs for Espresso coffee, and for Phase to Masters Edition game. There are even lids, made of recycled tin with AMD FX "Bulldozer" box design."

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