Saturday, January 12, 2013

Apple adds subscription TV service to Apple TV in Germany

German Apple TV owners got an interesting update to their Apple TV set top boxes, a subscription TV app service called Whatever which is basically a German version of Hulu.

thenextweb reports:

"Essentially a German version of Hulu launched by Vivendi this month, it offers local, European and international movies and TV series for €8.99 a month. Key features include the ability to choose between a German dubbed version of international movies, or the original. There is also a personal recommendation algorithm à la Netflix.

This marks the first time that Apple has added an international-specific service. and the first time that the service is available in only one region. It does not appear to be available on Apple TVs outside of Germany. This could be the start of a trend in which Apple cuts deals for regions where there is a strong localized offering that delivers content appealing to Apple TV owners there."

good news, i hope this is Apple just testing the waters before rolling out services like this globally

more here

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