Thursday, January 31, 2013

iPhone and Android users try to figure out the BlackBerry 10

Hasn`t even been a day since the unveil of the new BlackBerry 10 and now you`re getting iPhone and Android smartphone users already making the inevitable usability comparisons or complaints. Some are reporting a confusing setup process while others seems just plain old lost, Anyhow this video is good for some laughs.

mashable reports:

The new BlackBerry is supposed to revive the once-powerful company formerly known as RIM (now BlackBerry). We got five people to give it a test, and the results are a little perplexing.

this could be nothing more that teething pains, or a sign of something truly wrong. I won`t be able to see for myself until this coming Tuesday when I`ll be abel to get my hands on one these new Blackberry 10`s.

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