Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Intel will not announce TV service at CES

No Intel TV at CES this year but there are still some juicy rumours surrounding this not so secret set top box.

Gigaom reports:

"Intel has been building its secret new TV platform inside a nondescript office building tucked away between two parking structures in a corner of the Intel Campus in Santa Clara, California. From the outside, it looks like any other building on the chip maker’s campus.

But I’ve been told by multiple sources with knowledge of the project that the things going on in the building are anything but dusty old Intel. The project, which has been dubbed Intel Media, is run like a startup in stealth mode."


"But Intel Media won’t be just about that one single box. The company’s goal is to deliver its video service to all screens, including tablets, PCs and mobile phones.

That will likely include an ambitious licensing play to secure content across all of these devices. Intel’s set-top box will offer access to third-party apps, but also TV content licensed by Intel — something that has been one of the key challenges of the project. Reuters and the Wall Street Journal detailed earlier this year how the company wanted to secure the right to stream individual TV channels over the internet, and Forbes reported this weekend that it will offer consumers the ability to subscribe to individual channels, as opposed to a big and expensive cable bundle. I’m still skeptical about that last part, but we should soon know more."

this will live or die by content alone, that said I like the prospects of more options. bring on the new TV wars

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