Thursday, January 24, 2013

Did you know your iPhone has a 3D display?

Lumino Kinetic + Beyond from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

Want objects to jump of the screen of your iPhone (or any device for that matter) just a couple of prisms and you can create an illusion used for centuries called Pepper`s ghost. But this trick called "luminogeist" created by Japanese designer Yuri Endo uses four prisms to get the effect.

from Yuri Endo

"A media project explores the properties of light and perception of space, for the purpose of digital media art and product design, presented at IDAS (Hongik University) as my thesis project.
Initially documented in my research blog (, this process/demonstration video concentrates on the recapitulation of theoretical and creative processes behind its production."

very simple but very cool effect, prisms are fun

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