Monday, November 5, 2012

William Shatner, there`s an app for him

Reuters is reporting that for all things William Shatner or "Shatisms" you can now get an app entitled "Shateotry" for IOS devices.

"The former "Star Trek" captain, now 81, is featured in Blindlight Apps "Shatoetry", which catapulted to the top of the entertainment app list on Apple iTunes last week on its first day of release.

The celebrity app allows users to choose from hundreds of words to arrange sentences, which Shatner will then recite in his trademark voice and style. There is also a mode that allows Shatner fans to collaborate on "Shatisms" and there are single-player challenges like creating Haiku and poetry."

more here

or a link to the app via the Apple app store here

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