Monday, November 26, 2012

How RIM plans to win you back with BlackBerry 10

CEO of RIM Thorsten Heins explains how the company plans to win back users with the platform.

"We have a lot of social channels that we track on Facebook and Twitter...we know what people that actually left BlackBerry to another platform think about that platform or what they think about the BlackBerry platform", he said when asked how RIM will win back BB users (as well as government agencies and large organizations) who have migrated to other platforms. There's a lot of comments that say, "Hey, I wanna come back." This is a target segment that our marketing approach will specifically go after."


"Because if you look at the integration of all the channels in the BlackBerry Hub, if you look how easy it is to take action within the BlackBerry Hub, where on other devices and OSes, you would have to have this in a note paradigm, in the application grid.

Open Facebook, respond. OK. Open LinkedIn, respond. Open e-mail, respond. It's always this gesture in the application grid. No, I think [BlackBerry 10] is going to be a very compelling user experience. And that's what our tests show, so we have a lot of proof data around this.

We haven't built a new platform for just a year. This platform is going to take us to the next decade...So what they get with BlackBerry 10 is a real future-proof platform and a whole new innovative user paradigm that is not this application grid anymore. That was very intuitive five years ago when it was invented. It was fantastic, right? It really caught on with the user.

But now with the BlackBerry Flow and with Peek and with the Hub concept, it just makes you more productive with less stress, and people will love it."

rumour has it BlackBerry 10 devices will be shown to the press on January 30 2013, with devices going on sale possibly in February. I hope this signals a turnaround for RIM in general, nothing like a competitive market to get the ideas flowing.

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