Thursday, November 15, 2012

Perspective: Samsung vs Google

Samsung`s growth can be directly attributed to it`s adoption of Google`s Android operating system, but Google itself is not making all that much off of mobile.

Asymco has an interesting article that points this fact out:

"Samsung’s recent success in mobile phones has been spectacular. It overtook Nokia for the top spot in overall unit sales. It went from having almost no smartphone sales to selling over 50 million units per quarter in a matter of two years. It now accounts for nearly 40% of all industry profits.

A key decision which made this success possible was to shift its portfolio to smartphones and to offer a large variety of such phones.

In Q1 2010 only 3% of the phones Samsung sold were smartphones. In the latest quarter the ratio was 54%."

one wonders what would happen to Samsung if Google decided that Android was unsustainable

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