Thursday, November 29, 2012

AMD to sell Radeon branded SSD

Interesting news. AMD is allegedly going to be bringing Radeon branded SSDs to market.
semiaccurate reports:

"It seems that AMD continues to bet  on their AMD Radeon brand for expanding in to the consumer PC market. From Radeon-branded memory modules for desktop PCs and notebooks (from Patriot, VisionTek and XFX), to the AMD Radeon RAMDisk application from Dataram, AMD started expanding the Radeon brand into new component categories. From the looks of things, AMD isn’t satisfied with just two new products, and obviously didn’t want to slow down from reaching their VISION of making a PC system with all AMD branded components. To fix this, they added SSDs, but there are just a few questions that have yet to be answered."

no word yet as to who will make these SSDs and at what price, would you buy a Radeon branded SSD?

more here

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