Tuesday, November 13, 2012

John Mcafee`s crazy secret journal volume 1

So we now know John Mcafee is on the run and accused of murder, we also know he`s a bit of a nut, how nutty you ask? read on...

Gizmodo has the first part of his journal, here`s an excerpt:

"The telling of this story in its visual form would not have been possible without the presence of [The Cartoonist] preceding and during the story's climax. He had his camera constantly with him and his photographs chronicled the events and captured the essence of the story's players. [The Cartoonist] has balls of steel, by the way.
This is a tale of intrigue and deception, involving great risks and dangers. Or, perhaps, it is a tale of paranoia in which innocuous events are misinterpreted by an unstable mind."

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  1. WOW this guy sounds like a total nut bar, great mind but eccentric