Friday, November 2, 2012

iPad A6X is one serious processing machine

CNET is reporting that the iPad is packing some serious horsepower. This is no incremental update, this is a serious power infusion.

From CNET:

"That SGX 554MP4 has raw performance of 76.8 GFLOPS, compared with the 38.4 GFLOPS rating for the quad-core Imagination chip in the third-generation iPad, according to Anandtech.

So how does this translate to better performance over the third-generation iPad, you ask?

Well, at the moment, a lot of this is potential horsepower waiting to be tapped by a new game or app that's been optimized for the A6X's graphics."


"Apple's newest chip is a full 30 percent larger than the A6 used in the iPhone 5, according to Chipworks. And most of that extra chip real estate has been allocated to graphics silicon. Chipworks wrote in its posted analysis:

    The A6X uses the identical [central processing unit of] the A6...Much of the extra area has gone to the GPU cores...each of these GPU cores is much larger...The overall area occupied by the A6X [graphics processing unit] cores is more than double that of the A6."

wow, this A6 is an in house design for Apple, wondering if this is a glimpse as to what they may do on the desktop/laptop side.

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