Friday, November 23, 2012

AMD: Steamroller postponed until 2014, Excavator may be delayed

xbilabs is reporting that AMDs Steamroller core will be delayed until 2014.

"The recent round of restructuring at Advanced Micro Devices hurt not only sales and marketing professionals, but also developers of new products. Besides, the new ambidextrous strategy brings a number of new things into the microprocessor development process. As a result, AMD is currently revising its high-performance x86 roadmap. The consequence of such review could be further delay of competitive x86 chips.

It is not a secret that fully-fledged Steamroller micro-architecture chips – such as AMD Opteron for servers as well as FX-series for desktops – have always been planned for 2014, the main question was whether the products were set to be released early in 2014 or late in 2014. Recently, it also transpired that AMD decided to cancel Steamroller-based Kaveri accelerated processing unit for mainstream market and produce Piledriver-powered Richland chip instead, meaning that there will be no Steamroller in 2014 at all. To make the matters even worse, SemiAccurate web-site reported that AMD actually killed Steamroller and Excavator projects as they are today. While AMD was quick to deny the information, this does not mean that there is no massive reconsideration of plans ongoing, especially considering the new plans to introduce ARM-based server solutions in 2014 and changes with the process technology-related roadmaps at the foundries."

shame, i hope AMD gets it together and is able to offer an alternative to intel, they are needed.

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