Friday, November 2, 2012

Security firm labels almost 300 000 Android apps as high risk

infoworld is reporting nearly 300 000 Android apps are rated "high risk". This according to security vendor Bit9.
"One-quarter of more than 400,000 Android apps examined in the Google Play store pose security risks to mobile-device users, according to new research.

Security vendor Bit9 categorized these Android apps as "questionable" or "suspicious" because they could gain access to personal information to collect GPS data, phone calls, or phone numbers and much more after the user granted "permission" to the app. "You have to say 'yes' to the application or it won't run," pointed out Harry Sverdlove, Bit9 CTO. Games, entertainment, and wallpaper apps especially seem to want to grab data, even though the their functions would seem to have little direct use for it."

and a break down:

    * 42 percent access GPS location data, and these include wallpapers, games and utilities
    * 31 percent access phone calls or phone numbers
    * 26 percent access personal data, such as contacts and email
    * 9 percent use permissions that can cost the user money


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