Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Apple reportedly dumping Samsung as chip fabricator

Sounds like bad news for Samsung. Apple is reportedly going to using Taiwanese fab TSMC in 2013 to fabricate CPUs for all of it`s IOS based devices.
digitimes reports:

"It appears more likely that TSMC will start producing chips for Apple's next iOS devices in 2013, according to industry observers. Samsung Electronics has been the sole supplier of CPUs that power the existing iPhones and iPads."


"TSMC recently broke ground for the sixth-phase construction of its Fab 14, a 12-inch wafer plant located in southern Taiwan. The new facility will become TSMC's first fab to mass produce 20nm SoCs, and 16nm FinFET chips, the foundry revealed."

looks like Samsung`s bottom line is going to take a hit

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