Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is the new iPhone 5

Well, well looks like this is what Apple`s sixth generation iPhone is going to look like.
The new iPhone appears to by taller than the current model as well as being slimmer and the display looks a bit longer. This confirms earlier reports that Apple’s sixth iPhone will include a display that measures 4.08 inches diagonally. The exact measurements of the screen on the phone in the images cannot be confirmed.

You can also see a smaller dock connector, an antenna that matches the colour of the back of the device. It also seems to have a two-tone rear cover that could be aluminum and glass, a relocated audio jack, new speaker grills and what looks like a larger camera lens and LED flash.

No idea what new tweaks Apple has done to the CPU or ram.
Obviously no word from Apple yet.

UPDATE: Appleinsider has this to say regarding these photos:

"The original report suggested the renders could be legitimate, noting they did not seem to have a "trace" of editing in Adobe Photoshop, though it did hedge the veracity of the photos by labeling the images as unconfirmed. The publication acknowledged the photos were "really incredible," while calling them the "most-possible" leak of the next-generation iPhone." Read it here

You decide.

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