Saturday, June 16, 2012

Star Wars The Old Republic probably heading to free to play

Well, that didn`t take long.
It looks like EA and BioWare are looking to add a free-to-play model to their MMO title Star Wars The Old Republic. Even though it had a successful launch, the MMO shed 25-percent of its player base between February and the end of March: down from 1.7 million subscribers to 1.3 million. One report even suggested that an average of 334 people were on each server as of May.
To get players interested in the game again, EA and BioWare may (more like probably) introduce a free-to-play model, allowing fans to play within the Star Wars universe without a subscription, and purchase virtual items when they choose. Other MMOs have successfully made the jump to free to play so this may work out for them.

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