Saturday, June 9, 2012

Diablo III showdown: Intel Ivy Bridge vs AMD Trinity

Pc Perspective has a great video showcasing a comparison of Diablo III performance using these 2 CPUs.

The general consensus seems to be that the CPU portion of the chip was better on Intel's side while the GPU portion was still shifted towards the AMD Trinity APU. Both of these CPUs, the A10-4600M and the Core i7-3720QM, are the highest end mobile solutions from both AMD and Intel.

Specs weren't identical, but for a mobile platform, this was the best we could do. With the AMD system only having 4GB of memory compared to the Ivy Bridge system with 8GB, that is one lone "stand out" spec. The Intel HD 4000 graphics offer a noticeable upgrade from the HD 3000 on the Sandy Bridge platform but AMD's new HD 7660G (based on Cayman) also sees performance increase.

We ran our tests at 1366x768 with "high" image quality settings and ran through a section of the early part of the game a few times with FRAPs to get our performance results. We did also run some tests to an external monitor at 1920x1080 with "low" presets and AA disabled - both are reported in the video below. Enjoy!

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