Thursday, June 21, 2012

Microsoft`s partners not too happy about Surface

It would seem like a bunch of OEMs are not very happy with Microsoft lately.
Many are feeling betrayed that the software giant kept them in the dark about their tablet. The earliest that Microsoft's partners were told about the tablet was last Friday, just three days before it was shown to the media at an event in Los Angeles, according to sources in the U.S. and Taiwan technology industry who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky made a round of telephone calls but gave only the barest details on Friday, neither revealing the name of the gadget nor its specifications. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told reporters the company had informed its largest hardware partners about the tablet. A company spokesman declined to say how much of a heads up the partners were given.

Remember Plays4sure? Looks like history does repeat itself

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