Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Intel launches Atom CE5300 series with easy streaming and transcoding

Intel Atom based servers are nothing new now, using the same old Atom CPU you`d get in a netbook or nettop. But the new Atom CE5300 System on a Chip is aimed squarely at the home storage market and allows "customers to easily set up all of their media in one place and avoid capacity limitations of mobile devices." This new dual core processor is capable of transcoding and adapting video content to suit a number of devices you may have. Think of an HD video streaming at 1080p to a TV, then converting to 720p for a tablet, and maybe even 480p (blah) for a smartphone for optimal viewing and storage.

From Intel:

"Consumers will have even more options for their TVs whether it’s a flat panel, HDTV, 3DTV or the newest OLED TV, when service providers use the Intel® Atom™ CE5300 Media Processor (codenamed Berryville) in their set-top boxes, announced today at IPTV World Forum in London by Intel’s Service Provider Division.
What’s a Media Processor?
It’s the brains in a set-top box that seamlessly combines the Internet with TV. It means that Intel and service providers are all working to bring you an easy-to-use interface, 3D graphics capabilities, improved search, and of course, downloadable apps and games for your various digital TVs.
Imagine not crowding around a PC to video chat. Instead, this new chip from Intel will enable you to video conference with friends and family from your big screen TV in the living room. You’ll be able to show your girlfriends your new dance moves without having to worry about getting your laptop camera aimed properly.
Also imagine a great new 3D user interface and console-level graphics for gaming with this high performance chip in set-top boxes."

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