Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AMD Richland: Minor Trinity refresh

The AMD Richland has been lifted and now details on this new processors are starting to emerge. The new AMD Richland processors are a refresh of the Trinity CPUs released around 11 months ago.
AMD has adopted Intel`s "tick-tock" releasing schedule so this being a "tock" release expect minor refinements as opposed to a new architecture. Expect Richland to be around 10% faster than Piledriver CPUs with the GPU being around 4-7% faster as well.

ExtremeTech reports:

"What is Richland? At the end of the day, even after counting the software and hardware changes, Richland is a minor update to a product family that’s far behind Intel in everything but graphics workloads. Real-world performance boosts of 5-6% aren’t game-changers, and the battery life improvements aren’t going to sell laptops on their own, even if the 720p change holds up under independent scrutiny."

a minor speed bump for sure but that does not mean there`s anything wrong with this processor. performance gains, even minor ones are welcome keeping in line with the same TDP and prices. with Kaveri being released later this year we`ll have to see if AMD has anyting new and interesting up their sleeve.

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