Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meth Labs, dead dogs and anti-virus, the story of Mcaffee`s founder being on the lam in Belize

OK kiddies, this one`s pretty nuts. This is the Story of John Mcaffee, name sound familiar?
Well he is the  founder of Mcaffee anti-virus, yeah that Mcaffee. On May 4th his home in Belize had just been raided by law enforcement, he'd been rousted from the bed he shared with a 17 year old girl, naked and confused, to discover Belize's Gang Suppression Unit at his gates. They shot and killed his dog, and arrested him for possessing an illegal firearm. They arrested a few of his employees too. He went on the lam. Gizmodo reports, It gets much, much better...


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