Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AMD A10-4600M Trinity review

Anandtech has extensively reviewed the new AMD A10 CPU for laptops, here`s the take away..

"At this point, AMD has done everything they can to provide a compelling mobile solution. The difficulty is that there's no longer a single laptop configuration that will be "best" for everyone, and Trinity only serves to further muddy the water. Intel continues to offer better CPU performance, and if you need graphics—which mostly means you want to play games—they have a good partner with NVIDIA. AMD on the other hand is delivering better integrated graphics performance with less CPU power, and depending on what you want to do that might be a more well rounded approach to mobile computing. What we need to see now are actual laptops and their prices. To trot out a tired old saying once more, "There are no bad products; only bad prices." Now it's up to AMD's partners to make sure Trinity laptops are priced appropriately."

To Add:
improved gaming
better battery life
20% faster than Llano
new piledriver architecture
improved support for Open CL, Open GL and general Heterogeneous Computing

Much, much more in the full review, highly recommended, read it here