Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AMD Vishera review

Anandtech has a very in depth AMD Vishera CPU review. Here`s a bit to wet your appetite:

"Ultimately Vishera is an easier AMD product to recommend than Zambezi before it. However the areas in which we'd recommend it are limited to those heavily threaded applications that show very little serialization. As our compiler benchmark shows, a good balance of single and multithreaded workloads within a single application can dramatically change the standings between AMD and Intel. You have to understand your workload very well to know whether or not Vishera is the right platform for it. Even if the fit is right, you have to be ok with the increased power consumption over Intel as well."

i like the price point, kudos to AMD for coming out with an affordable processor line that`s starting to compete better with intel`s offerings, bring on the old Athlon 64 days.

much much more here


  1. LOL another AMD fail

    1. Do a performace/price/watt comparison and get back to us hmm?