Monday, August 6, 2012

Scott Forstall: "No reason to look to Samsung for ideas"

Apple`s IOS division head Scott Forstall took the stand on Friday in the Apple vs Samsung case in San Francisco.
Electronista has a great article about his deposition, it basically outlines how Forstall was hired by Steve Jobs in 1992 to work for his then company NeXT before they were folded into Apple in 1997. He outlines how IOS came about as first a tablet OS and then ultimately as a phone OS that would become IOS. But one of best quotes from his time on the stand is as follows:

"Asked if he ever told anyone at Apple to copy from Samsung's designs, Forstall denied the idea. He said that his team "wanted to build something great, and we thought we could build something better than anyone had built. There was no reason to look to [Samsung] on this."

No kidding.

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